Fight club



Very wanted to watch films on a relaxing weekend. Didn’t want to go out and meet anybody.

It sometimes perhaps happen to you too. Yeah, I guess? You just wanna watch 100 films and read 50 books you always wanted.

I was just like in that mood when I decided to watch ‘Fight club’

I wasn’t actually big fan of hero or action movies before but after some point, I got interested in action films or Marvel.

This is completely about action(well, it’s in fact more than that. You find out in the movie! xD)

It’s more than 2 hours long but there are hot two guys and I wouldn’t say I prefer Brad Pitt. hahahah

Because I just don’t. I more like Edward Norton…….. Hang on, No I’ll change, I like Brad Pitt.

Just googled Edward and saw his recent photo. He’s not the same as in the movie anymore. People got older. This movie was released in 1999. About 15 years ago. And I was just about 10 year -old that time.

Would I like him if I saw this when i was 10?


So anyway, I started this on last Sunday on the sofa to not fall asleep. I really wanted to finish it! But had to get up early for work the next day, plus because I was very sleepy, I left just half an hour, the most importantly impacted part of this movie. And today, 3days later, I finished it and it is absolutely worthy to watch it.

I think it was on Saturday when I first watched this. Whatever…


Men, you got to watch this. Sure, you’ll love it.

Ohh, and There’s Helena Bonham Carter who I really like.

I like her crazy acting. She is quite similar to Angelina Jolie. Is that only me thinking this? Anybody?


Thanks for reading this unorganised post! 🙂 😀

and goodnight. xx

New senstation

As I’ve watched this movie twice, I can say I truly love this movie.

It’s ‘Begin Again


Pretty sure there are many people who’ve watched this.

I’ts been released  middle of August in Korea and now it’s been about 2 months.

There are lots of movies on theater which are being showing for long period and I assume this one is going to be the one of them too.

I’ve watched this with my friend at the first time, when she said there’s a movie just had released and she had watched it already but she’d love to watch it again.

That’s cool, I always love to go to the theater and if my friend, who has quite good eyes on choosing movies, I’m always up for it.

And today when my another friend said she wants to watch it but only if I haven’t watched this, I did as just my friend did, who I mentioned above, I loved to watch it again!

So that’s how come I watched this twice. 😀

Some people say they never read ‘self-development’ books but I’m actually the one who loves that kind of books and movies.

This movie, for me, is just like that type. (I’m saying it only because I felt like. It’s not about self-development things.)

This made and helped me to push to do something what I wanted to do but not really acted.

I love this movie not only for that reason but I love it cause the main character has strong and easy going mind. Plus the music!!

And the big keyword of it is,

‘Enthusiasm’, I would say.

I just love words such as enthusiasm, power, strong and passion.

They may what I need to be or may what I am. (Really?)

Not gonna talk about the movie story detaily for people who haven’t seen it yet so no worry.

Simply, it’s about a girl finds her little success in Newyork with a randomer who she met in a live pub when she sang a song what she wrote about with her broken heart.

The randomer could be described as a fail music producing manager who’s once been a big successor 7 years ago. And that 7 years without any good progress.

They meet and do what they do in the movie.

Curious? Watch it. Simple. :p

Is there anybody loves Adam Levine?

Watch this. :p   xD

This movie actually reminded me of someone all through the time while I’m watching it and sometimes I couldn’t be into it fully. I little got distracted thinking of something.

But today, as time goes by, I could see and realize some scenes more deeply and how the actors/actresses express their complicated emotions and how their lines mean.

My favorite movie soundtrack in this is,

Tell me if you wanna go home

Regardless the lyrics, I like the electric guitar sound what is played by a young girl.

She is little shy and not confident enough to show how well she plays the guitar at the beginning but once she steps in to start,

she strikes everybody how actually she is talented.

There is her single part playing the guitar and I love, love love that scene!!!!

That scene blew me with a powerful sensation what I hadn’t felt for long time.

Passion. Just the feeling let go of your concerning, worrying things and leave your mind to the music, to the things you simply love genuinely.

Yes, yes, I always do, always let go of my mind in the music in many clubs so often(apparently, not now….?),

but this is not like just dancing in the music. This is about look through inside you I guess.

I would say if someone ask me what is my most touching scene, I’ll choose this scene without any doubt.

People always think, feel and understand regard their experience and connect things with that.

I also bridge this movie to me as a big sensation when I was getting over few big or small things in my life.

If I watched this movie when I was in different situation, I couldn’t have felt like this way.

It is like when you read a book when you are younger and when you read the same book few years later, then you understand something differ from what you understood at previous time.

So, I’ll watch this few months later again! To see how I react!

And I recommend you to do the same too not only this movie but also any other movies!

You will also feel new or forgotten sensation! I hope! 😀

That is so fabulous thing to be felt. I mean it. Really all for you!

Thanks! 😀

Good morning everybody! (Good evening!)

It’s bee so long to write a blog and after I read one whole book in a book store, I decided to write one!
Yesterday I met some people who is headhunter(agency between companies and people who look for jobs, they help the company to find people to work) and after two hours meeting, I simple got lost.
I didn’t have any plan after the meeting. But luckily there is a brilliant big book store, Kyobo Book Store, which I love. so? I got it and started poking every best seller books and picked up one book.

As I searched for the English name, it’s ‘The giant, Peter’. by Joachim de Posada. But I couldn’t find any info from google. Only i could find on Naver(Korean kind of google). It maybe only published in Korea? Some people may know Joachim de Posada. I’ve read his one more book long time ago. ‘Don’t eat the Marshmallow!’.
Both books are self-develop books and I used to read this type of book more than just story, novels.
But yesterday, this book was in my sight, and I decided to read it till the end even I read it very fast. His book is usually have very simple message and very easy to read with simple story.
I like his book(I just have read two xD) because always i feel like a story teller or grandfa is reading the book. There is a special voice what I imagine. Like santa claus’s voice. 😀

The great book store has a special place for reader!
the small place called as ‘Tium’. (I just searched to find a photo, but there is not nice one. why not????)
It has about 10 small benchs and you can simply sit down and read. I used to get it there with many books because I’m greedy but now they changed the rule that you can bring just one book. It’s more sensible idea I think.
I sat down in a middle of people but there is no back side on the bench so you can’t lean on comfortably.
But few minutes later, i spot one nice bench which has wall right behind so I could lean on and read comfortably. I speedly moved there and read.
While I was reading, I was so so hungry but couldn’t stop, that was my goal to finish this book, so I ignored my thundering hunger and kept reading.

In the book, there is a small boy, Peter who is very short. His mum dies when he’s teenager and his dad is an alcoholic. He has no friends cause of his appearance and for this reason, he gets more more critical. He just hates everybody except one teacher who works in a school library. He didn’t want to be at class so left there and went to the library. But he found there is very nice place to hide from people and nice to sleep till the school finishes. One day the teacher approaches him keep recommending many books. He got so annoyed but for avoiding her disturbance, he starts read books. He slightly opens his mind to the teacher (only to her) but suddenly his dad happened to caught up by police by violence to Peter. He is now really alone. There is nobody to help to support him. He never wants to ask some help to the teacher. He hates everybody and decides to leave home. His homeless life starts this way……

If this book finishes with just that sad ending, I wouldn’t read it. But as I’m a more happy ending prefer person, I knew that book has happy ending. It was on the cover actually. xD
Now you probably guess well what happens to Peter later. He contributes as a lawyer for people who have no idea about law and for this, who have unfair treat from society.

This book keeps telling ‘If your goal of your whole life is only for being better and being happier than others, you’ll never get what is real happiness. But if your goal happiness is for make people happier, it will surely make your happiness more worthy.’ And that is the real happiness from this book. I do understand what this book is saying, but I’m still not sure yet if that is the real happiness. I must be little greedy. But I’ve lived only about 1/3 of my life and there is plenty of time to understand this. 😀

After two hours reading, I gained warmer heart and I saw one more big possibility in human life and the power of person’s strong will to do something and make it.
I quit my job few days ago and I’m looking for a new job now. The first day of not working was a bit anxious day actually. It is just not like being on a holiday, you have to do some work for seeking new jobs and prepare something. Plus you don’t get pay for this! So it’s not a holiday really But this feeling get’s better and I don’t feel anxious much anymore. Just trying to be relax and try not to hurry to find a job.
In those feeling, This book was good start to warm up my mind and get more courage.

I probably go to the book store again and read books. xD I’m not saying i go there because i don’t want to pay for books but I’m going only for ‘having a look’! xD
You can join me if you want to have a look too!


……is Friday!!!!!!!
I have set many plan to do for this weekend.
But I’m not doing Studying really well :s It’s not good, not good…
I had a dream yesterday. It was a ‘war’ again. Luckily I was survived with my friend but I don’t know who that is. I don’t clearly remember his face and even don’t know his name.
We both were having bows and arrows. There were many enemies and they had bombs and nicer stronger arrows. We were only two. Me and my friend.
I don’t any remember what happened before the war but I only can remember………………..

……………………………………………………………………… ……… … .. .
And that is the last one I posted. Till right above. :p
I’m writing this now because one of my colleague has introduced her blog and it kind of motivated me to write a post.
It’s very sudden post without any plan.
Even though there will be just one person or even there’s nobody, I don’t care. ;p

So, currently, my kid tutoring goes quite well. Already it’s been more than a month and I really like this kid.
She loves me and I love her! Plus, my brother loves her too!
are you saying what it means?
the kid visited my home where I live my brother (with my cousin too) and had a dinner, watched tv.
We didn’t really play with her since in our home, there are no toys for that seven year old kid and neither we were having enough energy for keep her happy playing with her(It were always after our heavy, hard work)
But I don’t know why, I simply asked her after tutoring
‘Do you want to come my home and meet my brother, Ram?’
Shortly in very high pitched voice,
I simply asked her. Just wanted make her happy and I always know she always wanted to come to my home and play with me and my bro. (Kid mostly like order brothers or sisters and I know very well as I did when I was younger.)
She came to my home making excuse her mum, she hadn’t have enough dinner so she might can have more dinner with me. I really felt she is so so so cute. She knows her mum could say ‘No, it’s quite late to go.’ But her mum didn’t mind her to go.
While my bro and me were having late dinner she was just watching tv. Nothing really did. But I could see she still wants to stay longer even though there’s nothing to play with.
We got her home all three of together. Was tired after long work and tutoring but I was happy and my bro was also happy. He really loves kids. I also love kid. Didn’t really like girl kids but I like her really. She is just sweet as kids should be. There are many ‘mean’ kids who thinks the way as adults think. sometimes there are not naive as they are just kids.
But she isn’t that mean kid. She is very naive and this is why I like her.

Not about this point, I’m putting my photos with her. Feeling bit shy but want to show her how she is cute. 😀



The third tutoring.

It sounds like I only write about tutoring stuff on this blog but it’s not. Mostly I do after work theseday is tutoring from tueseday to sunday accept saturday.
That’s why I mainly write about tutoring.
But I will post more other things later. 😀
So, yesterday I did two tutoring with the kid and with my aunt! (yay! I did with aunt finally!)

With the kid.
I said first when I got her home,
“Ok sweetie, today we really need to study in time because I have to go to Jisoo aunt house after here directly. With her I’ll be studying English so I MUST NOT BE LATE. You know Jisoo aunt very well, huh?”
She was about to chat how she know her very well but I stopped her saying,
“If I’m late she is going to be very angry with you because she knows that we are doing tutoring now. And if I’m late, she will assume that you were the reason made me late. I really need to get her house ON TIME. So shall we start?”
She couldn’t speak more. (Good starting.)
As we begun, she brought the new words list from yesterday.
“i’ve got only 2 of 10 at the test today!”
“Oh you’ve already had the test?? Didn’t you say that’s every Friday?” I said.
“Yes tomorrow is the real test and we did the mock test today.” she said.
I was relieved.
About to start tutoring, I realized again she has much homework. Again, the homework didn’t look suitable for 7-year old kid. (Should’ve mentioned Korean 7-year old is 5-year old national age.)
We did her homework and practiced words for the real test tomorrow.
I was thinking how i could help her to memorise words but it wans’t really matter since she doesn’t need to know the meaning but instead she has to memorise the spellings.
Why do they need to know spelling rather than the meaning? I couldn’t understand. It might be better way for those years old kids. Maybe.
She was spelling correctly almost every words though. (Did she practice herself after the mock test??) Just few words, like ‘cafeteria’ and ‘cluster’, were confusing words to her. (she kept spelling as ‘claster’. xD cute)
Kept practicing her about 10 minutes more, she managed to memorise all the spellings! So pround of her! Yay! Yay you did it! Great!

Now I’m hoping she’s got nice score!
She did quite well this time and concentrated more. Very nice. But still should be done it in shorter time.
Was gonna write the tutoring with aunt but not now…… :p :p xD

5-year old girl tutoring

Currently(I said ‘currently’ my aunt is keep being busy and not really doing tutoring continuosly. I’m sad.) I do tutoring with my aunt trying to do it 3 times a week but we’ve never done it 3 times a week.
One day she asked me to do other one more tutoring with one kid who is a daughter of her friend.
I’ve known the kid since few years ago but I might have seen her jsut twice in total. Anyway I thought it will be nice to have and to earn little more money! And she is a kid! Which means I can teach her a bit easier than teaching adult(my aunt! bad student!). Well… at least I guessed.
Last Tuesday I started it. I’ve told to help(not gonna say ‘teach’ cause I’m more like helping her doing her homework and her english test. :D) her every tuseday, wednessday and thursday. half an hour each days. She is living near my house so I can go on foot.
The first day, she was so so so energetic. Couldn’t even start tutoring. As the girl chatting her self, screaming, showing her family photos, her butterfly wings(she wore then) and changing books every second from this book to other book, I gave up helping her to do homework.
Actually had to do her homework even just a little(as we have just 30 minutes), I don’t think we did any.
On the way home, slightly worried about her too much energy but convinced myself she would be more calm down and focus on. Was thinking it’s our first time having tutoring so she perheps was a bit shy and showed her shyness in energetic way.

On Wednessday, went to her house again and decided to be just little little bit more stict.
Before yesterday i called myself as ‘susie(in fact, ‘old sister’, korean don’t call people’s name who are older)’ but also thought that wouldn’t be good.
Called myself ‘Teacher’ I know, westerners don’t call them as ‘teacher’ but in korea? Yes. 😀
Being called and calling myself as teacher wasn’t very comfortable feeling but why not? if I help and teach her in anyway I could be a teacher! xD
Anyway i started it. At the beginning she wans’t doing good. I said just little bit in threatning way,
‘your mum is still at my house you know sweetie? and she’s still gonna be there when I get back’
Ohhhh I see that small fear in her eyessssss. umhahahahahhahahha. I win!
She did quite well after and I was getting tired cause it went for an hour! (Teaching kid isn’t the same teaching adult, I realized.)
We did her homework(about she isn’t, she is, is she-?, is he-?, yes, he is, no, she isn’t things so on) and read three books.
I was very supprised that many words in the books were difficult for 6-year old kid! yeah, should admit even for me as well.
It was lucky that i could have a look before tutoring and taking photos of the pages which are written with many difficult words. I had to find out the meanings before going tutoring.
Pretened like I know every words, I read all three books and translated in korean. She was yawning. God… I know, it’s not very fun. I went louder and more vibrant way. (Tired..!)
Feeling sad and being pressured, as she yawning, i read faster faster even faster. Finally finished all books. (I skippend some parts but she pointed out and let me read. how hardworking her!)
At the almost end, we did one more task paper what is new words list, she will have a test with this, so we did.

(oh my… this isn’t gonna be finished at all if I write too long and too detaily.)
Way back to home, i thougt tomorrow should be shorter and more fun. And it’s today! (thursday)
Hum…. how can i help her to memorise new words easily buy the way??

post? pages?

ok, first step to start a blog.
I wrote “about” named as “what this blog for?” and was about to make categories. but now I’m confused what’s the differences between categories, posts and pages??
might could find out searching their meanings through the dictionary but I don’t want it(or will do it later).
anyway I’m gonna write this and make one more post about my tutoring! yay then I’m gonna have three posts. 😀 😀

what this blog for?

I decided to have a blog like my friends who I usually hang out with theseday.
they always write things what we’ve done. I found it’s very nice to keep nice, fun memories with nice summaries.
I’m not really sure actually how long I’m gonna carry this blog on but I will try to keep doing it.
First thought for this was for practicing English(I’m Korean) but I don’t want to feel hard to have my own blog struggling to write correctly in English. :p
So I’m doing it without any burden! 😀